Beberapa publikasi terkait dengan  hasil penelitian, pengembangan, dan pengkajian tentang teh dikompilasi di sini, baik mencakup aspek on farm maupun off farm, termasuk produk, proses, pemasaran, serta sosial dan budaya. Selamat memanfaatkan.

No Judul Deskripsi Unduhan
1 Magnesium Nutrition Accumulation and transport of amino acids in tea plant Research Paper , Keywords: amino acids; carbohydrate; internal nitrogen cycling; magnesium nutrition; tea; theanine

2 Effects of Planting Density and drought on the productivity of tea (Camellia SinensisL.) Research Report – Keywords: Intra-specific competition effects, Line-source sprinkler irrigation, Planting density, Tea clones, Yield-density models

3 Antioxidant capacity of different types of tea products A Research Paper  Key words: Antioxidant capacity, DPPH, catechins, polyphenols, EGCG, theaflavins.
4 Characterisation of white tea – Comparison to green and black tea A Research Paper. Key words: tea, white tea, phenolics, catechins.
 5  White Tea extract induces lipolytic activity and inhibits adipogenesis in human subcutaneous (pre)-adipocytes Research Report: White Tea extract is a natural source that effectively inhibits adipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis-activity. Therefore, it can be utilized to modulate different levels of the adipocyte life cycle.
6 The aroma, taste, color and bioactive constituents of tea Laporan penelitian dengan kata kunci Tea, Camellia sinensis, chemical constituents, biological activity, aroma, taste, color.
 7 Potential Health Effects of Pesticides  Pesticide  Safety Fact Sheet
 8 Shear plucking – Quality, Yield, and productivity The summary of Shear Plucking Seminar managed by Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa), on November 1993

— 9 Report on Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) and Pesticide Use in Tea in Malawi And Zimbabwe Result of the survey carried out in Malawi and Zimbabwe in accordance to the FAO programmes in controlling the use of pesticides and other chemicals.
 10 Antioxidative Activities of Volatile Extracts from Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Black Tea | KEYWORDS: Black tea; green tea; oolong tea; roasted green tea; volatile antioxidants
 11 CHARACTERIZATION OF THE KEY AROMATIC CONSTITUENTS IN TEA FLOWERS OF ELITE CHINESE TEA CULTIVARS  Research Paper – Keywords: elite tea plant cultivar; tea flowers; volatiles; aroma constituents
 12  Chicken Manure Tea Research Report
 13 Polyphenolic Profile and Antioxidant Activities of Oolong Tea  Research paper – Keywords: Oolong tea; Infusion; Antioxidant activity; Phenolics