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The Secrets of Tea Seminar, 17th March 2017 at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre
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For Tea Lovers who are interested in understanding ‘The Secrets of Tea’ and exploring ways on “Creating a Niche with Tea’ , do join the Tea Community in attending these events in Bali, 17th...
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2017 China · Yibin-Annual International Tea Conference
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China Chamber of Commerce and Food Stuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) is organizing a China – Yibin  Annual International Tea Conference on the 17-19th March 2017 in the Celebrity City Hotel, Cuiping District, Sichuan...
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Over the past 150 years, Ceylon Tea has been consumed and enjoyed by millions across the globe and has been established as a global icon of quality. The global Tea drinking culture has evolved...
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